Past Charitable Deeds

Here are the amounts of money paid out in grants from our Benevolent Fund to various families in past years:

Year Grants Families
2020/21 £15,961 80
2019/20 £15,798 55
2018/19 £11,762 40
2017/18 £12,394 38
2016/17 £10,848 38
2015/16 £9,714 36
2014/15 £11,423 46
2013/14 £8,531 31
2012/13 £5,500 25
2011/12 £4,400 18

President's Project

In the past we have supported St.John the Baptist School, Ebony Horse Club and Clapton Sea Cadets.

Grants and President’s Project 2012/2013

Twenty five children directly benefitted from £5,500 from the Benevolent Fund distributed during the year.We were able to supply a care worker to assist a mother who was hospitalised, provide school uniform to a child who had been awarded a place at a superior school ,various cots and beds were supplied and generally we assisted families with essential items of household appliances/carpeting etc. Additionally we supported a coach trip to the seaside for deprived children from Lambeth.

Involving a further £2,200, and as part of the President’s Project, we sponsored a berth on a sailing ship from the Tall Ships Youth Trust – formerly the Sail Training Association. This Trust is helping young people to realise their true potential through the crewing of a varied fleet of sailing vessels. They take over 3,000 people sailing every year and on average over 70% of the young people are disadvantaged or with special needs .Secondly, as part of the President’s project we contributed towards a water safety project for young people in East London organized by Community Links.

Grants and President’s Project 2011/2012

A total of over £4,400 was distributed from the Benevolent Fund to 18 children to make their lives happier and more comfortable by the provision of beds, clothing and washing machines for the family. Once again, four children with special needs from Community Links were sponsored on a confidence building sailing trip to France and we supported a coach trip to the seaside for similar children from Surrey.

The President’s Project this year was to raise funds for the Downside Fisher youth club. This club is close to London Bridge and, what has become our home and regular meeting place, the George Inn. In excess of £3,000 was raised from sponsorship of Michael Selway running a marathon again (!), this time in London in 2012- a fine achievement and a very good time of 3 hours 59 minutes in his 50th year.

Michael Selway 2012 London Marathon

Here are the race leaders, Michael is not far behind, and The Downside-Fisher water station waiting for Michael

Grants and President’s Project 2010/2011

Grants and President’s Project 2010/2011 In this period a total of 19 children benefited from £3,300 from the Benevolent Fund largely for their bedrooms and other household items for the benefit of the family. Four children with special needs from Community Links were sponsored on a confidence building sailing trip to France and we supported a coach trip to the seaside for similar children from Surrey, many of whom had never even seen the sea before. We also supported a project awarded by the RSA to support 17 youngsters to start a co-operative producing honey based cosmetics.

The President’s Project for 2010/2011 was to support a Catch22 project in Tottenham, North London to enable teenagers to attain GSCE’s by private tuition to improve their chances of entering a worthwhile career. Over £4,700 was raised including £1,600 sponsorship for Michael Selway running in the 2011 Brighton Marathon; for full details see 2011 President’s Project -Final Results below.

Michael Selway - Brighton Marathon 2011

Rag Selway coming up the hill

Rag Selway coming down again with energy drink!

2011 President’s Project - Final Results

Click here to download the final Ragamuffins report

Click here to download the Catch22 report

Grants and President’s Project 2009/2010

Over £4,000 was distributed from the Benevolent Fund to 24 children for beds/bedding, nursery costs while the mother recovered, sportswear, school uniform and various household appliances for the families. Additionally ,via Mencap, a swing and a slide was provide for special needs children, we financed a coach trip to Southend for 72 disadvantaged children. and a grant was made to Kith and Kids in North London for a day out to Brighton.

Kith and Kids in North London was the President’s Project for the year and we financed video equipment used in the kids’ education and activities. Members also supported VIVACE’s concert in Tottenham below.

Kith & Kids - Choral Concert and Video Equipment - 2010

Our present President, Rag. Philip Purdie, chose a charity in Tottenham - - to sponsor in 2009/10. K&K;'s overall aim is to empower families living with disability to overcome social isolation and access the services they need. The Ragamuffins sponsored the purchase of 2nd hand video equipment costing £1455 and organized for the Vivace! choir to perform a choral concert at Kith & Kids in company with the K&K; own Choir on 10th April 2010 that raised �1,800. The concert was preceded by a rehearsal at Vivace's own place in Sussex on 20th February 2010

Rehearsals for both choirs in Ditchling, Sussex

The grand finale with both choirs on stage in Tottenham � The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

Welcare - Seaside Trip - 2009

Welcare is a Christian Charity, which works with children and families in need, irrespective of faith, culture, abilities or life choices, to achieve a better quality of life for children and families. It seeks to provide services in response to local needs which encourage self-help and build communities.

Welcare request letter

This request was brought by a member of Council, Rag. David Viner, and accepted for payment and here are some photos of the happy seasiders in summer 2009:

Ready to go!

All smiles

We're in the back seat!

Buggies in the boot

But I don't like pink!

Ice cream, anyone?

All too much for some!

By the beach

Time for pizza!

Bede House - Rotherhithe Concert and Website Project - 2009

Click here to download the poster

Our President in 2008/9, Rag Frank Savage, chose Bede House Association - - a multi-purpose charity working in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe since 1938 to provide opportunities for local people to develop themselves and their communities. The Ragamuffins sponsored a youth group that began the design concept for the Society's present website and were rewarded by an outward-bound trip to Wales costing £1000 The Rags also organized a fundraising choral concert with Vivace! at St Mary's church on 28th February 2009 in Rotherhithe which raised �750 and was followed by an excellent lunch at the Mayflower pub afterwards.

The choir in full voice.

Our own Vice President - Rag. Philip Purdie - singing in Vivace!

Our President, Rag. Frank Savage, with the Bede House Director, Nick Dunn, before the concert.

Community Links - Provision of Equipment - 2002

Click here to download the programme

On 27th February 2002, to celebrate the Ragamuffins' Centenary Year, we donated a mobile multi-sensory trolley and mobile soft play equipment costing £4,000 to Community Links in Canning Town - - to allow disabled children to access a wide variety of light, sound and sensory experiences.

On a separate grant we also provided football shirts for the team.

Rags. Alan Garrood & Derek Greenwood, President and Vice President resp. in 2001/2, enjoy the children's company.

The children sing a thank you song.