Our Aim

For over one hundred years, this Society of London professionals has been helping under-privileged children, both by grants and via projects, and enjoying one another's company and friendship at organized events throughout the year. We are recruiting new members so, if you would like to learn more, please be sure to contact us.

Charity activities

Monies raised from our member subscriptions and from our fund raising activities goes into the Benevolent Fund where it can be used to help disadvantaged children (distribution fund) or invested (Capital Fund) to provide a stream of money (dividends or interest) that can be used to support future needy cases. Applications for help are received from schools or social service agencies requesting help for named children. These are processed promptly.

There is a separate stream of money that comes into the Benevolent fund which is for a specific project nominated by our President. These are child orientated projects with recent examples being help to Clapton Sea Cadets and another project with Ebony Horse Club. Further details can be found in the link below to Upcoming Charity Events.


  • Tuesday 16th October TAVERN EVENING
  • Saturday 28th November XMAS CONCERT & BUFFET


Due to the current Coronavirus situation all social events and physical meetings are cancelled